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Are you thinking about stocking Feel Goods in your cafe or store? 

Watch these short video testimonials shot on the spot with our happy customers. When your'e done, check out some of our best sales data below and get in touch to find out more.


Cafe owner Sofie talks about how customers keep coming back for more: 

Friendly Grocer Craig shares his first experience of selling Feel Good Banana: 

Nightowl franchisee Mukund talks about our sales relative to Streets Magnums: 

When we asked Mission Beach minimart if they could help us to learn how we were selling relative to Streets Dairy Free Magnum, we didn’t realise we were in for such a big surprise…

Feel Good Bananas sales relative to Streets Magnums at Mission Beach Minimart 2019


We figured we might have a home town advantage here in Mission Beach but we blown away to discover we were outselling the entire Magnum range combined by 20%. 

This gave us the courage to spread our wings further and we wondered “how much of this is a hometown advantage and how much is just having a really great product”…?

The following year we asked another Mimimart who were selling well to run an comparison. This time it was 130kms away in Trinity beach. Their best selling ice-cream was Peters Milo single serve tubs so we asked if we could benchmark our product against theirs… 


Feel Good Bananas sales relative to Peters Milo single serve tubs at Trinity Beach Minimart 2020


Take look at that! 

You can see how quickly we shot to the top of the chart, outselling yet another best selling single serve ice-cream in just a few months. This time 120kms away from home. 

Because North Queensland is a tourist Mecca, a lot of people were trying our bananas on their holidays then asking if we sold them in their home town. 

This large number of cusotmer requests and the promising sales figures we were getting from some of our clients was enough for us to start sending our product across the country in 2022

We didn’t know how they would go further south, so in 2023 we popped into a Budget Petrol station in Sydney and they said “Feel Good Bananas just knocked Magnums off the top spot in our shop” we got the best surprise we could imagine!

Budget Petrol employee Michael tells us about how our sales compare to Magnums in Dulwich Hill NSW

Now with over 200 resellers across Australia the most common feedback we get from resellers is how many people recognise our sign, and how many repeat customers they get back as a result of selling our product. 

“So many customers who try them comeback for more! More than with any other product we sell”. Trinity Beach Minimart. 

this phenomenon is especially helpful to smaller independent retailers you can’t compete on price with the major players do you like to compete by having something different. For example Ash from Arcadia store on Magnetic island has told us “Feel Good Bananas are our best selling product apart from fuel itself”. 

Feel Good Bananas Magnetic Island Arcadia

So now it seems we have a proven product that people want and are willing to pay for. Our next step is to find more resellers who are looking for something a little different to offer their customers. 

If this sounds like you please contact us below to request an info pack and we will get back to you as soon as we can.